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The Case For More Real Estate Blogs In 2012

  I know every day all of us are bombarded with an endless amount of blogs on the web relating to all sorts of specific subjects.  Bear with me as I take you back to detail my blogging history.  

  Back in the mid 2000s real estate blogging was a relatively novel idea and SEO for real estate agents was still in its infancy.  There were a few little known platforms out there called blogger and wordpress which one could create a reasonable blogs in short order and give someone not only presence on a particular subject on the web but authority from google.  My first forray into the blogging world was a simple wordpress blog using nothing more than my name for the URL: www.benganje.com.  The objective of the site at the time was to give users access to every Minneapolis condo project site out there along with some brief commentary on the downtown market.  I started creating other micro blogs with the intent to focus content on specific condo and loft buildings in Minneapolis.  The issue I had at the time was that users not only want to know about a particular building but also what is for sale or lease within that given property.

  I soon realized the importance of a good IDX and so I created yet another site tailored to the Minneapolis condo market and also integrated a wordpress IDX plugin for google juice as well as a iframed REW IDX so I could capture leads and track what listings made up their search criteria to make auto searches and truly engage with my leads.  Web inquiries started flowing into my CRM at a record pace.  I was busy!

  Over this same timeline I had multiple google pay per click campaigns pointing to my main site that had yielded good traffic suddenly start to dwindle.  Minneapolis is a very web centric market--in our market web traffic patterns started to point to even more organic traffic versus historically significant ppc web traffic and so I needed a competitive advantage fast. 

  My theory was to channel all of the micro blog traffic to the main site--to this day most people in the SEO industry would cry foul saying every Realtor should focus on building content for ONE web site and one site alone.  I very easily put links on my micro blogs labeled:  "what's for sale in building X" and channeled these links to specific pages on my main site: I had hit gold and continue to do so today!   

  My point of this story is that every real estate agent deals in a market and within that market are subdivisions and neighborhoods where buyers and renters search on google all day for real estate.  If you can create micro blogs with legitimate content tailored to your areas of focus within real estate and drive the traffic back to your main real estate website I truly beleive you will not only do better but you will harvest higher quality web leads.  This takes time and careful execution.  Here's an example of a blogger site I did for a building called Bridgewater Lofts long ago and a recent update of a wordpress blog about the Carlyle in Minneapolis--notice the difference in call to action as well as overall layout and detail? 

  Why this is important?  Because as web traffic becomes more segmented users are going to gravitate towards very specific web sites as they narrow in on their web based real estate searches before contacting a Realtor.  Users will always start on big sites like Trulia and Zillow, narrow down to sites of your current size then continue coming back to your site if they see your micro blogs catering to specific niche markets they want to buy/lease in.

  The agents who can corrently establish micro blogs, web authority and an authentic brand on the web will be the future real estate power brokers of 2012!  I wish everyone a happy 2012!  


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